digital services by James Higgins

I do two things:
1. If you are looking to update your online presence, I can help with that.
2. If you are going to self-publish on Amazon or other platforms I can help you format your book to their specs. I can also provide an informal edit on your book.

No site too “small”

Over half the traffic coming to your website is from smartphones.  Sites today need to be responsive to show a different layout based on the screen they they are displayed on. If your site is hard to use on a phone you are losing half your audience.  I can design your site in WordPress to be as functional on a phone as it is on a desktop.

What am I doing?

A parody of the UPS website, to show that a low cost WordPress site can resemble a fortune 500 company site.

Cover design for Turner & Page’s first book to be released in December.  It will be in the humor section. 

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